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An Interview with Bella Dia Events: Part One

Today we have the pleasure of sharing part one of our interview with Bella Dia Events, one of Garden of the Gods Club’s preferred event planning companies, with you. Part one will focus on how Christian Wilkins and Lindsey Caines of Bella Dia Events seek to create events that come together seamlessly so that their clients feel at ease about the event-planning process.

Bella Dia Events has helped to create many of the memorable weddings and other events that have been held here at Garden of the Gods Club. We hope that this interview inspires those of you who are planning an event. You can also learn more about Bella Dia Events at belladiaevents.com. Or, contact these talented event planners at 719.331.2499 or christian@belladiaevents.com.

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Talking Fitness With Lauralee Beerman

Lauralee Beerman, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor at the Sports Club at Garden of the Gods Club, is passionate about helping people get fit. Lauralee’s well-rounded perspective on how to become fit enables her to meet people where they are and help them reach their own personal fitness goals. We hope you enjoy “listening in” on our conversation with Lauralee.

Lauralee gives detailed Pilates instruction

Garden of the Gods Club (GGC): Tell me a little about your background and what inspired you to become a personal trainer.
Lauralee Beerman (LB): I actually started in the medical profession as a cardiopulmonary technologist working in a medical center in Houston, Texas. It was after dealing with ill people that I realized I’d rather work to help prevent disease. That prompted me to get my master’s degree in exercise science from the University of Houston. I also love all aspects of wellness, including mind/body training like yoga and Pilates. I like to include all of the senses in my training by incorporating things like aromatherapy, music, and encouraging clients to visit the spa. Of course, I still embrace weight-lifting and cardio for endurance. That’s why I like teaching a variety of classes. I also like doing fitness assessments to tailor a program to a client’s specific needs in order to help that client maintain a balanced fitness program.

GGC: How do you ensure that your clients feel valued?
LB: I seek to understand what clients’ needs are. I try to get a picture of what’s going on in their lives outside of the training sessions so that we can work on making important lifestyle changes. For example, if there’s a situation at home or elsewhere that might interfere with fitness progress, I try to address that to help them become successful.

GGC: Do you have any tips for those new to personal training?
LB: I would recommend that they give their bodies, minds, and behavior at least 12 weeks to adapt. There’s learning involved, and certain neuromuscular patterns need to be developed. People tend to give up after just three to four weeks, but they’ll learn to love it if they just stay with it. Also, I recommend trying a variety of fitness styles to find one that they love doing. Try yoga, spin, the Pilates Reformer, cardio, or weights. Whatever the fitness style, the key is to keep seeking exercise areas that they really love.

GGC: How can those who have been working out for a long time keep it “fresh?”
LB:  Come get a fitness assessment! It’s a great way to see where they’re at and reevaluate in order to make new goals. It’s always possible to do something new and different.

Lauralee shows her playful side on the Pilates Reformer Cadillac

GGC: What are your favorite workouts?
LB: I love dancing, hiking, mountain biking, power yoga, and weight-training.

GGC: How do you remain motivated to work out?
LB: Sometimes through friends and through connecting with a group of people. Also, I know what it feels like to be really fit. It’s really hard to go back to anything less after that.

GGC: What are the best ways for somebody who is interested in personal training services to reach you?
LB: People can contact me on my cell phone at 719.460.5649. They can also e-mail me at lsharak@aol.com.

GGC: Is there anything else you’d like people to know?
LB: It is never too late to discover your true fitness potential.

To find out more about the fitness opportunities offered here at Garden of the Gods Club, we encourage you to contact the Sports Club at 719.329.4009. You can also view the group fitness schedule at our members only website here. Your fitness endeavors don’t have to be a distant dream; the Sports Club at Garden of the Gods Club can help you make them a reality.


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Things to Do in Colorado Springs This Weekend: Oct. 28-30, 2011

With Halloween coming up on Monday, get ready for a spooky good time this weekend here in Colorado Springs!  In addition to the events listed below, many local churches are offering trunk-or-treats or fall festivals that are designed to be a safe and fun way for your little ones to dress up and enjoy sweet treats.  To find an event close to you, visit The Gazette‘s online event guide or PeakRadar.com.  This is also the season that fall craft fairs begin at local schools and other organizations, so check out gazette.com for details on those holiday shopping opportunities.

    • Emma Crawford’s Wake — Friday, 6-7:45 pm.  In 1889, Emma, who suffered from consumption, moved to Manitou hoping to benefit from the city’s healing waters and crisp mountain air. Father Jean Baptist Francolon and his mother Marie have graciously offered to open their magnificent home, Miramont Castle, for Emma’s wake.  The cost of admission ($40 per adult, $30 per child 12 or under) will grant you entrance into Miramont, allow you to view Emma laid out in the parlour in pure Victorian splendor, and experience a Victorian wake, resplendent with a generous Victorian buffet dinner and beverages in the Great Hall. Since this is sure to be one of the year’s most talked-about events, make your credit card reservations early.  Space is limited.
Emma Crawford Coffin Races; image by Lars Leber of the Cross Processing Blog

Image by Lars Lebar of the CrossProcessing.us Photography Blog

    • 17th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Races and Parade — Saturday, 12-3 pm, Manitou Ave., Manitou Springs.  The legend of Emma Crawford lives on!  During this wacky event, coffins will race up the town’s main street, each containing an “Emma” and being pushed by a team of 4 mourners. Trophies are awarded to the 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-fastest coffin racers, and awards are also given for most creative coffin, best “Emma,” and best entourage.  Paid parking and shuttle services will be available.  PLEASE NOTE: Manitou Avenue will be closed starting at the 800 Block at 9 am.  For more information about the Emma Crawford Festival, call Floyd at the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, 685-5089 or 800-642-2567, or visit www.manitousprings.org.
    • Ghosts of Old Manitou Walking Tours — Saturday, 6:30-9 pm, Manitou Springs Heritage Center (517 Manitou Ave.).  The Ghost Stories of Old Manitou walking tours tell stories of real people who lived or died remarkably in Manitou Springs and come back to visit on this one night each year.  Tours leave every 15 minutes.  Advance ticket purchase is highly recommended, as the tours often sell out.  For tickets or additional information, call 719.210.4303 .

Trick or treat

  • Boo at the Zoo — Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, 5:30-8:30 pm, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  Boo at the Zoo continues this weekend with treats and no tricks (except the magical kind!). Boo at the Zoo is the area’s most exclusive Halloween party, providing a safe and unique environment for families with young children to enjoy Halloween festivities.  All treats are orangutan-friendly, too!  Admission is just $15 per person for ages 3-65 ($9 for zoo members) and $13 for military and seniors 65+.
  • Haunted Mines — Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, 7 pm, Western Museum of Mining & Industry.   This “haunted house” attraction is constructed on the grounds of the historic Western Museum of Mining and Industry, which used to be a dairy farm in the 1800s. The Haunted Mines are designed to thrill, scare, and entertain you. It is an indoor, outdoor, and underground experience that is physically and psychologically challenging.  Tickets are $15-20.
  • Costumed Creek Clean-up — Saturday, 8:45 am to 1 pm, Monument Valley Park.  Put on your ghost sheet, puppy ears, or cardboard robot costume (recycled, of course) and head to the City of Colorado Springs Green Team’s Costumed Creek Cleanup.  Participants can meet in costume at either end of Monument Valley Park at 8:45 a.m. North end participants will meet near Culebra Avenue and W. Fontanero Street, while the south end will meet near the Bijou Bridge. The northern and southern groups will work their way toward each other, meeting around Uintah Street.  After sorting out recyclables, the group will proceed to Colorado College’s Washburn Field for fun fall festivities, including sports, games, contests, bobbing for apples, lunch, and more! Beginning at 12:30 p.m., a shuttle will take volunteers back to their vehicles at the north and south ends of the park.  This community event will be a wonderful way to beautify the community and have fun for a great cause. RSVP is appreciated to for food planning purposes.  For more information please contact Jay Anderson at the City of Colorado Springs Office of Innovation and Sustainability:  719.385.5459, janderson@springsgov.com, @springsgov.
  • Masquerade — Saturday, 8 pm, Pikes Peak Center.  The Colorado Springs Philharmonic rolls out classical thrills and adventure, including Peter and the Wolf and Night on Bald Mountain; not to mention cinematic thrillers from The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Jaws. Tickets start at $19.  For more information, visit www.csphilarmonic.org.

We wish you a safe, fun, and memorable weekend!

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The Beginning of Golf

The game of golf has a long, rich history

The game of golf has a long, rich history.

According to The Encyclopedia of Golf, it is hard to identify the specific origin of the game of golf, but one thing is for sure–the game as we know it today had its roots in Scotland. It was in Scotland that Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield Links of six holes was established around 1450.

In 1754, 22 gentlemen formed The Society of St. Andrews Golfers (renamed The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in 1834). This was a significant time in golf history because the group eventually became the leading authority on the rules of golf around the world. Each club had its own set of unwritten rules, so most members settled disputes themselves or sought informal arbitration. This became a sore issue with the players, who often did not get the rulings that they wanted. Once formal tournaments grew in popularity, written rules became a necessity. In 1744, Edinburgh Golfers published 13 rules called the “Articles and Laws in Playing Golf.”

 It wasn’t until the late nineteenth century that the Scots brought golf to America. The first club opened in Yonkers, New York, in 1888 and was named St. Andrews. Due to the different conditions under which the game was played in America, the game needed a governing body. In 1894, the United States Golf Association was formed. The purpose of the USGA was the same then as it is now:  to oversee all of the rules and handicapping in all forms of the game of golf.

Today there are more than 17,000 golf courses in the United States alone, most of which are public. I encourage you to play as many of these courses as possible, and if you would like to experience a part of history, you do not have to go very far.  Patty Jewett Golf Course right here in Colorado Springs is the third oldest active public golf course west of the Mississippi river.  In closing, I leave you with the words of Harry Vardon:  “Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty!”

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Robby & Perry’s Wedding

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the video below should tell the story pretty well of just how much fun a wedding at Garden of the Gods Club can be.  In the 60 years that our property has been open (2011 is our 60th year here on the mesa overlooking Garden of the Gods Park and Pikes Peak), we have had been proud to be part of the celebration of many marriages.  The fantastic views, the professional and talented staff, and the amazing couples who choose to spend their very special day with us make for the perfect combination.  To see the event space that we have to offer, click into the club and check us out, and if you have any questions, please contact our wedding specialist, Constanze Strader, at cstrader@ggclub.com.  She will be delighted to help!

Robby & Perry: Colorado Springs, CO from 303Motion.com on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Horner!  Thank you again for sharing your very special day with us, and we wish you many years of happiness together!  Come back and see us for your one-year anniversary–we will be here!


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