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Thank You and Farewell

Happy Tuesday!  I wanted to let all of you who follow “Tuesdays with Tom” know (hi Mom and two others) that I have resigned from my position at Garden of the Gods Club, effective Thursday, February 2.  After four years here, I have accepted a director of sales position at another hotel here in Colorado Springs that will help me in achieving my future goals in the hospitality industry. I am ready for my next challenge.  I have enjoyed being part of the Garden of the Gods Club family, and it has been an amazing ride!

It is truly a remarkable Club and the history, along with the beautiful wildlife that surrounds us, makes this a very special place.  You know I will keep an eye on Garden of the Gods Club, along with its blog, Twitter and Facebook posts… You never know what amazing things will happen next here on the mesa overlooking Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Park.


Tom and dog Jake hiking

Jake and I bid you farewell - for now

Thank you again for reading my blog over the past year; it has been fun writing for you!


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Member Spotlight: Lotta Falender

This week, we have the pleasure of continuing our member spotlights by highlighting GGC Member Lotta Falender. Lotta, her husband Phill, and their three children genuinely enjoy being a part of the warm and welcoming community here at Garden of the Gods Club. We hope you enjoy our chat with Lotta as much as we did.

The Falender Family at Garden of the Gods Club's Thanksgiving Day Dinner
The Falender family at Garden of the Gods Club’s Thanksgiving Day dinner

Garden of the Gods Club (GGC): What do you love about being a Member at Garden of the Gods Club?
Lotta Falendar (LF): We love the fact that we have somewhere to go with our children. I love the community and the activities. We have a pretty active family. I would say that our favorite activity at the club is golf. Both our four-year-old and seven-year-old sons love to golf.

GGC: Where did you grow up?
LF: I grew up in Sweden and then moved to the U.S. when I was a teen. My husband is from Indianapolis.

GGC: How did you meet your husband?
LF: I met my husband at school in Boulder. We’re both skiers and met on a ski trip to Keystone.

GGC: What do you do for a living, and what are some of the other things you like to do?
LF: I am a marketing consultant. Prior to that, I worked with an ad agency business, but when I became a mom, I decided to do consulting. I love spending time with my kids. I also enjoy hiking, golfing, and skiing.

GGC: If you had to choose between chocolate and vanilla, which one would you choose?
LF: 100% chocolate. I would maybe choose vanilla for the ice cream on which I’m putting chocolate syrup.

GGC: Do you have any nicknames? If so, how did you get them?
LF: Actually, my name, Lotta, is a nickname. My brother was five years old when I was born, and he named me Lotta, which is the nickname of Charlotta.

GGC: What do you love most about your family?
LF: I love that each of them has their own personality. I love what we all bring to the family; it’s very exciting. We have an eight-month-old little girl, and she’s just added another little spice to the mix. My four-year-old says, “I just love this little girl; I just think she’s so adorable.”

GGC: What lessons have you learned from your family or work?
LF: I’ve learned that you truly have to be in touch with who you are and know what your strengths and weaknesses are. It’s important to know who you are. You’re born the way you’re intended to be, and it’s beneficial to leverage your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

GGC: What piece of advice you would give to other mothers?
LF: I would say that children are born hard-wired with who they’re intended to be. As a mother, it’s your job to guide them while always honoring who they are.

GGC: How would your best friends describe you?
LF: I would say passionate and opinionated. And maybe creative.

GGC: Who have been some of the greatest influences in your life, and why?
LF: I would say my mother and my mother-in-law. They have both taught me how to be a better mother. I would also say my business mentor, who has taught me how to balance work and family.

GGC: What is something fun that you would like to do but have never tried?
LF: I would like to climb Pikes Peak by the time I’m 40. When I turned 30, I drove to top and had champagne, and I decided that I wanted to climb to top by the time I was 40.

GGC: Is there anything else you would like to share?
LF: I would like to comment on the Club. I think it’s a wonderful family community! We’ve really enjoyed adding new traditions to our family for Easter and Christmas, and we really appreciate all of the staff being around to help us celebrate those occasions – it’s like a home away from home. I’ve seen a big change in the last 12-18 months with more of an emphasis on creating a family-friendly environment. And, for us that is very important and makes us feel that we are valued as Members.

If you would like to learn more about the variety of membership opportunities offered here at Garden of the Gods Club, we invite you to contact Director of Membership Tracey Kalata at 719.520.4988 or tkalata@ggclub.com.

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National Wear Red Day: Help Fight Heart Disease!

The heart is symbolic of many things that are important to us. We are told to follow our heart, to listen to it, to be true to it. But when it comes to keeping our own hearts healthy we often struggle. According to the American Heart Association® (AHA), heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined. Chances are that you know someone who has been affected by this disease.

Support the American Heart Associations Go Red for Women Campaign

To help save the lives of our mothers, daughters, wives, and friends, Garden of the Gods Club is pleased to partner in with the AHA’s Go Red for Women™ campaign. Since 2004, this campaign has contributed nearly $44 million to women-focused heart disease research, educational programs, and tools for physicians. For all Fridays in February 2012 (beginning on Friday, February 3), The Spa and Salon at Garden of the Gods Club will host the National Wear Red Day Challenge®.

Wear your favorite cherry hue into the Spa and Salon on any Friday in February, and you will receive 20% off any manicure or pedicure. You will also leave the Spa with a travel-sized sample of OPI’s Cha-Ching Cherry, Red, or Málaga Wine nail colors. Further, you will have the opportunity to share your story of why you choose to support the Go Red Campaign.

To schedule your manicure or pedicure on any Friday in February and help support the AHA’s Go Red for Women campaign, we encourage you to call The Spa and Salon at Garden of the Gods Club at 719.520.4988. We look forward to seeing you, all clad in red! In the meantime, take heart and seek ways to keep your own heart healthy.

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Things to Do in Colorado Springs This Weekend: Jan. 27-29, 2012

Here at Garden of the Gods Club, we hope 2012 is off to a great start for you!   With the weekend just around the corner, we thought we’d take a few moments to share with you several fun ways that you can make memories with your friends and family this weekend in Colorado Springs.  We hope you find this weekend guide helpful and encourage you to let us know if there’s any must-do activities that we missed–simply leave a comment on this post below.  If you’re not a local and need a place to stay this weekend, consider our Lodge, which offers spacious, comfortable rooms with incredible views.  Have fun!

    • Colorado Springs Home and Landscaping Show — Friday, 4-7 pm, Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm, Colorado Springs Event Center at Rustic Hills (3960 Palmer Park Blvd.).  If you’re a fan of HGTV or the DIY Network, you’ve probably seen the landscaping show “Yard Crashers,” during which host Ahmed Hassan approaches shoppers in home-improvement centers and offers to help them redesign their backyards.  This weekend, Ahmed will be making an appearance in Colorado Springs at the Home and Landscaping Show, which will also feature cooking demos, free antique appraisals, contests, vendor booths, and more.  Tickets are $5/person with $1 off admission for military and seniors 62+.  Children 16 and under will be admitted for free.
    • Beethoven & Bernstein — Saturday,  8 pm, and Sunday, 2:30 pm, Pikes Peak Center.  The early works of three musical rebels show off the beginnings of their careers. Berlioz opens, followed by Bernstein’s First Symphony, Jeremiah, and Beethoven’s humorous Second Symphony.  Tickets $19-57.

Enjoy Youth Day with the USAFA basketball team this Saturday.

  • College Basketball:  Air Force Academy vs. UNLV (YOUTH NIGHT) – Saturday, 8 pm, Clune Arena at the U.S. Air Force Academy.  Help the Air Force mascot celebrate his birthday with all of his friends!  Youth aged 3-15 will be eligible for $5 admission with the purchase of an adult ticket. The first 700 kids in attendance will also receive a free Air Force basketball replica jersey at the gate. Also enjoy the mascot olympics throughout the game and interact with mascots from around the area.  Tickets are $5-30/adult and $5 per child age 3-15 with the purchase of an adult ticket.
  • Positively Pikes Peak — Saturday, 7 pm, Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts (Palmer Lake, CO).  Thirteen local musicians will assemble to record “Positively Pikes Peak – The Pikes Peak Region Sings Bob Dylan,” and the public is invited to watch the live performance. If you buy your tickets early, $10 for TLCA members and $15 for non-members will get you into the concert AND get you a copy of the CD. A cash bar will also be available.


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How to Pack Smart for Your Winter Golf Trip

Kissing Camels 2011 Winter Golf Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

KC 2011 Winter Golf Trip to Los Cabos, Mexico

It’s that time of year! The snow is flying here in Colorado, and you may be getting ready to fly off to a warmer climate to play some golf.  (As a matter of fact, a group of our members will be headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, next month.)  It’s time to get packing! Most of us (yes, I am guilty) tend to pack more than we need, and with the strict regulations the airlines have on our luggage, it is important not to cause problems in security. For a few tips on how to pack smart for your upcoming winter golf trip, read on.

    1. Be sure to check with your airline to see what it allows and requires.  Continental Airlines’ website, for example, indicates that each customer is permitted to check one item of golf equipment, which consists of a golf bag, golf balls, and one pair of golf shoes, if contained in a hard-sided case.  For your convenience, we’ve provided links below to the golf equipment policies for a few other major U.S. airlines:
    2. Every grocery store has an aisle full of travel-size items and also small containers for your favorite shampoo.  Be sure to buy the quart-size baggies to put everything in.  This satisfies the airline guidelines and also protects the other items in your bag from leakage due to pressure changes.

    3. Choose a color theme and pack clothes that mix,  match, and double for more than one occasion.

    4. Avoid breaking in a new pair of shoes or sandals–you could end up with blisters and painful feet!

    5. Carry-on luggage has size and weight restrictions, so make sure to find out what those are, too!

    6. Pack your medications and toiletries in your carry-on so that you have them as needed.  On a recent trip to Hawaii, our luggage did not arrive on the second island when we did–and not even the next day! I was VERY happy that I had packed  a bathing suit and change of clothes in my carry-on so that the first days of our vacation weren’t spoiled shopping for these items.

Visit the following link to see how one individual packed for an entire month in one bag: http://youtu.be/L5UlxHsgD58

And one last thing–do not forget your sunscreen!

Happy travels!


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