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Just in Time for Summer: How to Get Sandal-Worthy Feet

The gorgeous weather of summer is almost here, and that has many of us ready to ditch our shoes in favor of sandals and flip-flops. The quotes “I’m in a flip-flop state of mind,” and “peace, love, flip-flops” reveal our excitement over the freedom of lighter footwear. But for all of their comfort and cuteness, sandals can also reveal the damage winter has done to our feet. To help you make your feet sandal-worthy, we spoke with Amanda Rigby, director of The Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club, about her approach to maintaining healthy feet. You can “listen in” on our conversation below.

This summer, make regular pedicures and consistent home care a priority in order to maintain sandal-worthy feet.
To keep feet sandal-worthy, make regular pedicures & consistent home care priorities.

Garden of the Gods Club (GGC): What are the main causes of damage to the feet during colder months?
Amanda Rigby (AR): Our feet are often abused by heavy wear and tear from ill-fitting shoes and hours spent on them! Winter weather and extreme dryness are often issues that cause chapped, dry feet. The solutions to these issues are two-fold: 1. You must receive a great pedicure regularly 2. Practicing home care is like insurance to keeping your feet looking great!

GGC: Do you have any recommendations for appropriate footwear during warmer months?
AR: I recommend to always wear some form of foot gear, whether it’s flip flops, sandals, pool shoes, etc. While going barefoot is comfortable, it also creates an environment for bacteria to grow and injuries to occur. We also lose the moisture in our feet to carpet and other surfaces.

GGC: From a professional perspective, how do regular pedicures improve the look and health of feet?
AR: Clipping the toe nails and removing the cuticles is the best cure for “ugly toes,” and a professional is best suited for this job! Toe nails will naturally deform and curl when not cut properly. Regular toe nail care can also ward off and prevent fungus and infections. Regular spa pedicures will not only give your toes a beautiful polish, but they will assist in exfoliating dry skin, and soothe muscle aches and tension in the legs.

GGC: Can you elaborate on how home care is an important part of maintaining healthy, presentable feet?
AR: Yes, home care is key! Leaving the spa with a beautiful pedicure isn’t enough to maintain sandal-worthy feet. Taking care to exfoliate and moisturize daily is also an important part of maintaining those toes! A pumice stone is all that’s needed in the shower to gently slough off dirt and dry skin daily. Following with a heavy moisturizer will seal the new skin and keep it soft and glowing.

If you’re ready for a “flip-flop summer,” we encourage you to embrace a well-rounded approach to caring for your feet. Combining regular pedicures with consistent home care will help keep your feet both sandal-worthy and healthy. To enjoy a high-quality pedicure while taking in the beautiful view surrounding Garden of the Gods Club, we encourage you to contact our Spa & Salon at 719.520.4988 or ggcspa@ggclub.com.

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Things to Do in Colorado Springs This Weekend: April 27-29, 2012

We hope you find this edition of our Colorado Springs weekend planner to be helpful!  It’s shaping up to be a busy weekend in Colorado Springs, which means you and your family should have a wide selection of fun activities and events from which to choose.  Besides the ideas listed below, we also recommend checking out Theatreworks and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, both of which have interesting shows continuing into this weekend.  If you take advantage of any of these ideas, please share your experience with us by posting a comment in the box at the end of this post.  By the way, if you’re expecting any visitors this weekend, our Lodge is always an impressive choice for accommodations.  Enjoy!

  • Cañon Clean-up– Saturday, 8:30 am to 12 pm, North Cheyenne Cañon Park.  Celebrate Earth Day by helping to clean-up North Cheyenne Cañon Park! Lunch will be provided at 12 pm. Bring your friends and family and have a fun day in the great outdoors enjoying beautiful North Cheyenne Cañon!  Children ages 12 to 14 are invited to attend if accompanied by a parent or guardian. For details, and to RSVP, please call 719-385-6086.

    Beaded necklace

    Find unique jewelry at the UCCS Spring Craft Fair.

  • UCCS Spring Craft Fair — Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm, Gallogly Events Center.  The University of Colorado Colorado Springs is hosting its first craft fair and expects an amazing turnout ofvendors with a wide variety of arts, crafts, trinkets, and plenty of food!  This event is absolutely free and open to the public.  The Gallogly Events Center is centrally located on the UCCS campus, and free parking will be available.
  • Kids Duathlon and Triathlon– Saturday, 10 am, UCCS Campus Recreation Center.  Visit UCCS for the first annual Kids Duathalon and Triathlon! All proceeds go to the Kids on Bikes non-profit organization. Kids on Bikes, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing brand-new bikes and safety equipment to under-served children in the Colorado Springs area. Ages 5-8 will be swimming 50 yards and running 1/2 mile. Ages 8-12 will be swimming 100 yards, biking 1.5miles, and running 1 mile. Ages 12-15 will be swimming 150 yards, biking 2.5 miles, and running 1.5 miles.  Online registration is $10.

    Puppy love

    Support the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region by attending the Fur Ball.

  • 15th annual Fur Ball — Saturday, 6 pm to 11 pm, Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region’s 15th annual Fur Ball will feature Furrywood.  This Hollywood-inspired evening will include a gourmet dinner, live and silent auction, and the always-popular pet parade.  The Fur Ball is a great opportunity to help HSPPR raise money for the 21,000+ homeless and abused animals that the HSPPR cares for each year.  Tickets $150 each.
  • Petrushka — Saturday, 8 pm, Pikes Peak Center.  The Colorado Springs Philharmonic presents this show, in which Haydn’s Military, Barber’s Essay No. 2, and Stravinsky’s Petrushka line up for an evening of irony with marching, dancing, and straw men.  Tickets $22-52.
  • Earth Day Creek Clean-up — Sunday, 10 am, Conscious Table.  Join Conscious Table’s efforts to clean up Fountain Creek and Monument Creek as part of Earth Day.  After their confluence, the creeks continue on to the Arkansas River in Pueblo, where the cleanliness of the creeks can directly affect local farmers.  This free event begin at 10 a.m., meeting at the restaurant, and will end with a meal and party on Conscious Table’s nickel after the cleanup. The restaurant will supply gloves, but clothes and shoes that can get dirty and wet are highly recommended.
  • The Springs Brew Tour — Sunday, 1 pm to 5 pm, Trinity Brewing Co.  Explore, experience, and savor three of the top craft breweries in Colorado Springs!  The tour includes multiple, generous beer tastings from three distinguished, local craft brew houses; food and beer pairing lessons from two destinations; private, informative, behind-the-scenes tours of at least two breweries; the accompaniment of our knowledgeable tour guide; and safe and private transportation between destinations.  Tickets $79 per person. For additional details, visit coloradospringsfoodtours.com/thespringsbrewtour.html.

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How to Plan a Golf-Themed Birthday Party

Do you love golf?  Do you love parties?  And what do the two have in common?  Well, the game of golf can provide a fun and creative theme for a birthday party.  We scoured our brains, and the Internet, to bring you a few “par”-ific ideas for a golf-themed birthday party, which are listed below.  Thanks to the excellent blog Kara’s Party Ideas for the inspiration; check out more ideas and fun golf party images by clicking hereEtsy, TipJunkie.com, birthdaypartyideas4kids.com, and kids-birthday-party-guide.com are also chock full of great golf-themed party ideas.  And remember—it’s always smart to adapt the ideas to be age-appropriate.

Ideas for Invitation Wording for Golf-Themed Party

  • Hole in one; swing by for some birthday fun!
  • Adam is turning 7, and you’re invited to the par-tee.
  • Come play a round with Lucy.
  • To reserve your tee time, please RSVP.
  • Course: The Smith’s Clubhouse (your last name + clubhouse)
Golf Birthday Argyle Custom Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers - DIY Printable

Custom cupcake toppers & wrappers for golf birthday from Etsy store FrogPrincePaperie

Golf-Themed Party Decorating Ideas

  • Use a green, brown, and tan color scheme to mimic the nature of golf.
  • Think plaids and argyle for the table cover, runner, or other decoration pieces. Patterns that can be associated with golf are a great way to incorporate the theme.
  • Place golf clubs, golf bags, and other golf-related items around the house as décor.
  • Hang a banner that says, “Let’s Par-TEE!”
  • Create labels using fun and youthful plays on words for the food table.
  • Place golf balls in a vase and put a paper flag on a skewer in the middle of the golf balls for centerpieces.
  • If you are not crafty or are short on time, think about purchasing a golf-themed package. Two different packages can be found on Etsy by clicking here or here.

Golf-Themed Party Food Ideas

  • Make or purchase a cake designed to look like a putting green.
  • Make a bunker/sand trap with Rice Krispie treats.
  • Use blue Jello to create a water hazard.
  • 5th (or the age the child will be turning) hole=chocolate-covered cookies
  • Create flag sticks (pretzel rods with a homemade paper flag/triangle and hole number wrapped around the rod)
  • Bucket of balls (donut holes placed in a bucket)
  • Donut “holes in one” (donuts placed on skewers and then put in a square vase along with fake grass as a space filler and cute accent)
  • Par-Faits (fruit and yogurt parfaits)
  • Fruit golf balls created using a melon baller
  • Chip-it (chips)
  • Club sandwiches
  • Peanut “putter” sandwiches (PB+J sandwiches)
  • Iced tee
  • Green apple punch
  • If it’s an adult birthday party, create golf-themed and green cocktails.

Activity Ideas for a Golf-Themed Party

  • If you have access to a golf cart, give golf cart rides to the kids.
  • If age appropriate, think about hosting the party at a miniature golf center.
  • Make a  mini crazy golf course in your backyard, if space and weather permits.
  • Have golf ball relays or set up a golf-related obstacle course.
  • If you know a young golf professional, think about asking him/her to come to the party and give a mini group lesson (to those who are truly interested in golf).
  • Dig for golf balls:  Fill a mini pool with sand, and hide golf balls within it.

Ideas for favors

  • Plastic golf club sets that can be found at a local discount store.
  • Golf-themed chocolates or truffles (dip round balls of cookie dough or other delicious mixture in white chocolate to look like golf balls)
  • Golf ball pops (put Oreo cookies on a stick and dip in white chocolate to look like golf balls, then wrap in cellophane and tie with a green ribbon)
  • Golf balls and tees

I hope you have found some useful ideas.  Have fun planning a golf-themed birthday party for the golfer, big or small, in your life!

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5 Tips for Planning a Perfect Girlfriend Getaway

With summer just around the corner, now is an excellent time to plan a much-needed getaway with the women who matter most in your life. This travel trend, known as the “girlfriend getaway,” is very popular—and for good reason!  Studies show not only that women are a huge source of strength to one another but also that the time women spend bonding with each other helps them better cope with day-to-day stressors. The girlfriend getaway is just that—a “no boys allowed” getaway with your gals. It’s a time to reconnect with yourself and your friends while unwinding and recharging. We researched the best tips, presented below, to help you create a vibrant, memorable girlfriend getaway. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Set a time and place. Although the idea of a getaway with your closest gal pals may sound like a great idea, for many it remains just that—an idea. Before you can escape on a marvelous girlfriend getaway, you have to decide a set time and place and stick to it. The to-do list will always be there, so decide on a time when both you and your friends can put the list away for a short time. There are many options from which to choose: a mountain getaway, a weekend at the beach, a spa retreat, and more. Once you figure out the time and place, all you have to do is color in the details.

A girlfriend getaway is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your girlfriends.
A girlfriend getaway is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your girlfriends.

2. Eliminate guilt. One article explains a challenge that many women face when planning a vacation away from their families: guilt. It can be difficult to avoid guilt about taking time away from family and daily responsibilities. However, time away provides an opportunity to rest, recharge, and process through life. As a result, you are better equipped to pour into the people and projects in your daily life.

3. Follow your folly. It’s no secret that life gets busy. Because time is a precious commodity, time for the things that feed your soul often gets cut short. A girlfriend getaway is a rich opportunity to fit in some of the activities that make your heart happy and to explore new activities that you’ve always wanted to try. Heading to the mountains? Check out some trails for hiking, biking, running, and more. Escaping to the beach or a lake? Try surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, boating, tubing, or fishing. Try a new fitness class offered in the area you will visit. If exploring is your cup of tea, get lost in a local bookstore with a delicious latte and a book, or explore local shops and attractions. Whatever you and your friends choose, the point is to follow your folly.

4. Cultivate relationships. As described in this article, the bond between women is an important one that should not be pushed to the back burner. One study by Harvard Medical School shows that women who lack at least one close friend may suffer effects comparable to being overweight or heavily smoking. Another study conducted by UCLA echoes these results, confirming that relationships are critical to helping women deal with stress in a positive way. So, travel with friends with whom you share interests or with whom you are comfortable opening up.

5. Pamper yourselves. A girlfriend getaway just wouldn’t be complete without a little pampering. Wherever you end up, consider heading to a local spa for some TLC. Our own Spa & Salon offers a variety of luxurious treatments, as well as a heated infinity-edge pool surrounded by breathtaking mountain views of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods Park’s unique red-rock formations. A well-deserved spa treatment will help you relax and rejuvenate.

Even if it’s just for a weekend, setting aside time to escape with some of your closest girlfriends is a great way to recharge while creating valuable memories. If a mountain stay piques your interest, consider paying a visit to The Lodge at Garden of the Gods Club. This intimate boutique getaway offers rooms and suites that boast stunning mountain views, access to a 27-hole championship golf course, fine dining, a full-service Spa & Salon, 11 outdoor tennis courts, a Sports Club with complimentary group fitness classes for guests, and access to a variety of local attractions. To learn more, we encourage you to contact Garden of the Gods Club at 719.632.5541 or email fdesk@ggclub.com. No matter where you choose to enjoy a girlfriend getaway, we wish you happy travels!

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Three Exercises to Sharpen Your Tennis Game

Not only is Garden of the Gods Club surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, but it also home to many avid tennis players. As we head into summer, now is a great time to work on improving your tennis game. To give you a head start, we caught up with Tom Van De Hey, GGC’s USPTA-certified tennis professional, about simple exercises you can do to sharpen your game. You can check them out in the video below.

If you would like to learn more, Tom is available to provide professional tennis instruction by appointment. You can contact him at 719.632.5541, ext. 5292, or tvandehey@ggclub.com. If you are wondering where you may fit in the GGC community, we invite you to stop by and chat with us. You can contact Director of Membership Tracey Kalata at 719.520.4980 or tkalata@ggclub.com.

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