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Top 3 Three Must-Have Books About Golf

If you enjoy the game of golf, you may have wondered if there are any books about the sport that would be worth your investment.  As an assistant golf professional at Garden of the Gods Club’s Kissing Camels Golf Course, I have read several books about golf, and I would say that the following books are definitely my top picks:

The best books about golf focus on the psychological & emotional aspects of the game.
  1. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella—Bob Rotella is a psychologist and performance coach that has taught some of the greatest players in the world. This book goes into detail about how the golfer only needs to worry about himself and the particular shot he is playing. The author breaks down all aspects of the game and teaches his students how to handle each of these situations in a unique balance of conversations (with anecdote) and lesson to teach us that we do not have to be perfect all of the time.
  2. The Golfer’s Mind by Bob Rotella—This book is meant to be a quick reference guide to help golfers through moments of mental weakness. Each chapter (or commandment) describes a different challenge and how to overcome it. Every golfer, no matter the level, deals with mental challenges through the course of a round from being fatigued to the nerves on the 18th green with a five foot putt to win your club championship. This book will help you overcome these difficulties and stay positive in your game.
  3. FINAL ROUNDS:  A father, a son, the golf journey of a lifetime by James DodsonFor most of us sons, no matter the age, we can recall something from our childhood that we did with our fathers that will stay with us for a lifetime. For me, that memory is golf. Although my father was with me for all of my sporting activities and major accomplishments, golf was the one thing that allowed us to get away from all other distractions and be alone on the links. This is a book that takes that time on the links to the next level and tells the poignant story of how a father’s time is almost up, and the time on the links becomes more than golf but rather a journey of lifetime. This journey is not just a recollection of earlier memories but a series of life lessons a middle-aged man can still learn from his father during his last few months on earth. Having a father that died while I was still a young man, this book hits home and helps me keep the great memories that my father and I shared on the links fresh.

I hope you find my recommendations helpful.  If you have read any of these books–or end up reading them because of my recommendations–let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.  I’d love to hear any book recommendations you may have, too.


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