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“Fall” for Autumn Golf in Colorado

Nature’s first green is gold–her hardest hue to hold.  Her early leaf’s a flower, but only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf, so Eden sank to grief, so dawn goes down to day…  Nothing gold can stay.
-Robert Frost


Here at Kissing Camels Golf Course at Garden of the Gods Club, the leaves on our trees are already starting to turn gold.  As we make the transition from summer into fall, it’s important to remember that the golf season is far from over.  Now is the best time to get out and play this wonderful game we all love!  As summer fades and fall begins to appear slowly in the trees and in the morning air, the golf course and nature come to life in a whole new way.  Fall gives us the gift of cool mornings and mild afternoons, which are perfect for a morning round in the cool air or a relaxing afternoon with family and friends.  Colorado Springs is the most beautiful place in the fall, with the snow just starting to appear on Pikes Peak as well as the beautiful array of colors that start to appear in our trees. 

Beautiful fall scenery at Garden of the Gods Club

Even though the weather is still mild in autumn, many golf courses become less busy, which also makes this season an excellent time to get a get a golf tune-up.  Call your local golf professional to schedule some valuable on-course training without the pressure of other golfers watching closely from behind.

While we’d love to see you out on the course here at Kissing Camels, autumn is also a great time to take advantage of nearby Colorado mountain courses as well.  With just a quick day trip, you can enjoy both a scenic drive and picturesque golf course landscapes.  In my opinion, some of the best fall foliage–other than what you can find here at Kissing Camels Golf Course–is located at The Raven at Three Peaks in Silverthorne, Arrowhead Golf Course in Littleton, and Eagle Vail Golf Club in Avon.

Alex Harris


To schedule a lesson with me or another Kissing Camels golf professional, or to ask about other golf destinations we would recommend visiting during fall, call our golf shop at 719.636.2520.  You can also reach our golf team by leaving a comment on this post.

Enjoy the changing season!

Assistant Golf Professional
Kissing Camels Golf Course at Garden of the Gods Club

Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods Club is a private golf course accessible exclusively to Members, guests of Members, and overnight Lodge guests. For more information, please visit our website at www.ggclub.com.

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