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Unique Souvenirs to Collect When You Travel

How do you remember your favorite vacation moments? While many prefer to capture travel memories by snapping photos, others collect souvenirs—items that remind them of the balmy weather and salty ocean air they once inhaled, the gorgeous mountain scenery they enjoyed, or the precious time spent with friends and family. Below are a few ideas for unique souvenirs to collect when you travel, gathered from our very own staff here at The Lodge at Garden of the Gods Club.

A GGC mug, silhouetted by the views seen from the Lodge's guest rooms. Perhaps this could be your next Colorado souvenir?

A GGC mug, silhouetted by the views seen from The Lodge. Could this be your next souvenir?

“I used to enjoy collecting matches from all of the places to which I traveled. At one point, I had thousands of matches from all over the world. Whenever I would light a candle, I’d reach into my collection of matches and remember being at that specific place.” —Billy Peterson, Garden of the Gods Club general manager

“I enjoy collecting t-shirts. My favorite vacation was to St. John, and my favorite t-shirt is from there. I just love that place.” Samantha Iskra, Garden of the Gods Club human resources manager

“My husband Aaron and I collect logo golf balls from each of the golf resorts we visit, and we keep them in a display at home.  The balls remind us of the fun golf memories we have shared, and the empty spaces remaining in the case motivate us to explore new golf destinations together.  I also have friends who collect Christmas tree ornaments from places they visit, which I think is another great idea.” Christina White, Garden of the Gods Club communications director

“I collect shot glasses. My favorite is from Vienna. My second favorite is from Montreal, and my third favorite is from Arches National Park. My aunt bought that one for me when I was only eight years old.” Alan Fox, Garden of the Gods Club sales and catering coordinator

Will you be passing through Colorado Springs anytime soon? If so, consider staying at The Lodge at Garden of the Gods Club, an intimate boutique getaway nestled against the stunning red rocks of Garden of the Gods Park. You won’t want to leave without finding a souvenir to remind you of the striking beauty of this area!  In addition to nearby Garden of the Gods Park, you will discover that there are a variety of fun locations to explore in the Colorado Springs area. To learn more, please contact The Lodge at 800.923.8838, or visit us online.

What are your own favorite ways to remember special vacation moments?  Please share them in the comments box below.

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Get Relief From Cold and Flu Symptoms With Yoga

With the cold and flu season in full swing, many of us have felt under the weather recently. To help you feel better, Rodney Valdez, yoga instructor at The Sports Club at Garden of the Gods Club, demonstrates a few simple yoga poses to help relieve common cold and flu symptoms. With more than 15 years of experience teaching yoga, Rodney is passionate about teaching others how to incorporate yoga into a well-rounded fitness plan.

Thank you for watching. We hope that you find these simple poses both helpful and relieving. Sports memberships in Garden of the Gods Club include access to: a wide variety of group fitness classes, such as yoga; personal training; Pilates equipment; free weights; weight machines; and cardio equipment. To learn more about finding your place in the Garden of the Gods Club community, contact Membership Director Tracey Kalata at 719.520.4980 or tkalata@ggclub.com.

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The Latest Golf Trends From the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show

Our golf staff had a GREAT time at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  Starting with the opening ceremonies, enthusiasm and excitement seemed to be higher than in years past!  The colors seem brighter; the selections seemed new and fresh. And every designer has added clothing with sun protection factors. New cooling technology will keep your body temperature five degrees cooler in the sun. Our SPF protection department in the Golf Shop will soon be adding an extensive collection of long-sleeved protecting and cooling under shirts for both men AND ladies! Watch the shop for the arrival of new colors, patterns, and styles of long-sleeved protection.  In addition, headwear from Tilley and Walleroo Scalla will help keep those damaging rays away from your face, neck, and ears!  Now, sit back and see what else will be arriving soon:

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To reach the Kissing Camels Golf Shop at Garden of the Gods Club, please contact 719.636.2520.

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Garden of the Gods Club: An Exquisite Place to Say “I Do”

Those who have held wedding ceremonies and receptions at Garden of the Gods Club describe a consistent trend of excellence.

Wedding photo by Becky Kercher of Black Forest Photography

Precious moments

“We absolutely loved the view; it was just phenomenal! The gorgeous view really highlighted Colorado nature, with the blue mountains and the dramatic Colorado red rocks. It was a very elegant atmosphere.” -Allison McNeill, Garden of the Gods Club bride

“We didn’t think we would find a place like GGC. They really know how to do weddings…  They got us the wines we wanted and did an excellent job of helping us put together an elegant, fun party for our family and friends.” -Bruce Allen, Garden of the Gods Club groom

“Everyone was kind, intelligent, calm, and enthusiastic. It was a really great experience; we love Garden of the Gods Club.” -Sarah Allen, Garden of the Gods Club bride

From the smallest details of your wedding day, to the moment you say “I do,” this Colorado Springs wedding venue is committed to helping you create a day that is unique to you. Below you will enjoy a glimpse inside some of the stunning weddings held at Garden of the Gods Club, provided by a few of the Club’s preferred photographers.

Photo by Sean Cayton of Sean Cayton Photography

A gorgeous winter wedding at GGC. Photo by Cayton Photography

Photo by Sean Cayton of Sean Cayton Photography

Pikes Peak + Garden of the Gods = A Stunning Backdrop. Photo by Cayton Photography

Photo by Becky Kercher of Black Forest Photography

A sunset wedding at Garden of the Gods Club.  Photo by Black Forest Photography

Photo by Walt Palmer of Walt Palmer Photography

Cowboy up! An elegant mountain wedding. Photo by Walt Palmer Photography

Photo by Walt Palmer of Walt Palmer Photography

GGC’s reflection pool: an ideal setting to steal a kiss. Photo by Walt Palmer Photography

Did you or someone you know recently get engaged, maybe over Valentine’s Day? Garden of the Gods Club is a truly unique Colorado Springs wedding venue offering unparalleled views and service. To learn more, please contact Catering Manager Constanze Strader at 719.520.4978 or cstrader@ggclub.com.

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Spa Special: Treat Your Sweetheart to Relaxation

Celebrate each other this month with a couple's massage or a "Soul to Sole" body treatment from Skin Authority at our Spa & Salon.

This month, celebrate each other with a relaxing visit to our Spa & Salon.

If you ran out of time or ideas for how to celebrate Valentine’s Day and simply didn’t, there’s no need to worry. It’s never too late to show that special someone how much you care. This year, The Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club is helping sweethearts extend Valentine’s Day moments until the end of February. After all, who could resist the gift of relaxation?

From now until the end of February, melt away stress with a special couple’s massage, and you’ll both enjoy complimentary sparkling wine and chocolates.  In addition, couples will have the opportunity to pamper each other with 20 percent off Skin Authority’s luxurious “Soul to Sole” body treatment, an 80-minute head-to-toe body therapy that will leave your sweetie feeling rejuvenated from head-to-toe.

To schedule your couple’s massage or “Soul to Sole” body treatment, please contact our Spa Concierge at 719.520.4988 or ggcspa@ggclub.com–or request an appointment online by clicking here. We hope that you take some time to celebrate each other this month!

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