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How to Plan a Memorable Mother/Daughter Spa Day

The bond between mothers, daughters, and granddaughters can be a very special one that requires time to cultivate and grow. One way to create cherished memories with your daughter is by treating her to a relaxing and rejuvenating spa day.  Below are some simple tips from Jeanne Smith, spa manager at Garden of the Gods Club, on how to plan a memorable spa experience with your daughter or granddaughter.

Treating your daughter or granddaughter to a spa date is a great way to make memories!

Make memories by treating your daughter or granddaughter to a spa day.

  1. Ask about the spa’s child policies. If your daughter or granddaughter is a minor, be sure to call ahead of time to clarify any age restrictions that the spa might have. Although most spas welcome mommy/daughter dates, some spas may have rules about children receiving spa services or using spa amenities.  If you have a small child, ask ahead of time whether or not the spa would be willing to paint a toddler’s nails. In many cases, spas and nail salons will only charge a minimal fee to polish a small child’s nails. “When my granddaughters were only two and three years old, I would bring them along to get manicures,” Jeanne explained. “The nail technicians would just paint their nails rather than giving them a full manicure,” she explained. “Now that they’re older, we still enjoy going to get our nails manicured together.”
  2. Make a day of it. Why end the fun when your spa service is over? Extend the spa outing into an entire day of fun by taking your daughter or granddaughter out for lunch or dinner afterward. Consider seeing a fun movie or enjoying some shopping. Don’t forget to take photos to document your special day together.
  3. Avoid multitasking. In her article “How to Plan the Sweetest Mother-Daughter Spa Night,” Amber Lipson explains the importance of focusing solely on your daughter (or granddaughter). Lipton advises moms to resist the temptation to answer any texts or emails that may pop up on their phones. Give your daughter the attention that she deserves.
  4. Invite aunts or other close friends. You may also want to invite other important women such as aunts or close girlfriends. Aunts are often like “second moms,” while close friends can bring an added dimension of fun to the day. The girls will enjoy having time to pamper themselves while catching up on each other’s lives.

We hope that you and your daughter or granddaughter will schedule time to be with each other while enjoying some relaxation at the spa.  Are you looking for a great spa for special days “away?”  Consider visiting The Spa and Salon at Garden of the Gods Club. To schedule your manicure or pedicure, please contact the spa concierge at 719.520.4988 or ggcspa@ggclub.com or request an appointment online. We look forward to helping you create treasured memories with your daughter or granddaughter!

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