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Creative Summer Wedding Cake Trends

When it comes to creating artful wedding cakes, summer’s warm days and bright colors provide limitless inspiration. Today one of Garden of the Gods Club’s wedding cake vendors, Colorado Springs-based Chef Sugar’s Cakes & Confections, shares some of the top wedding cake trends for the summer. Whether you prefer a classic look or something that perfectly captures “you,” Heidi Trelstad of Chef Sugar’s can make it happen. Below you will find more info on some fun summer wedding cake trends.

Buttercream cakes are a great way to add creative details like shapes, patterns, and textures.

A butter cream cake

1. Simple butter cream cakes. “This wedding season, we are seeing many people choose butter cream over the traditional fondant,” Heidi explained. “There is an almost endless variety of things you can do with butter cream, such as using textures, shapes, and patterns to create a unique cake.”

2. Elegant cakes. “On the other end of the spectrum, super elegant cakes are also in style right now,” Heidi said. “It’s interesting how most couples are either going with a very relaxed feel or a very traditional, elegant feel,” she continued. “There’s really not much in-between this season. To create a really classy look, we traditionally use fondant.”

3. Groom’s cakes. “Groom’s cakes are a huge trend right now,” Heidi said. “We’re actually seeing couples go all-out on the groom’s cake rather than the main wedding cake,” she added. “This is a great way to save a bit on the main cake and get really creative on the smaller cake. I’ve made groom’s cakes shaped like an Xbox, an airplane, the groom’s favorite vehicle, and more,” she laughed. “The groom’s cake is a great way to get as creative as you want.”

Creative décor, such as vintage wedding cake toppers, are making a comeback.

A wedding cake topper

4. Creative décor.  “This summer, a lot of couples are choosing vintage wedding-cake toppers,” Heidi explained. “For a while, couples opted out of the wedding cake toppers altogether, but creative figurines, such as glass-blown toppers, are really making a come-back,” she said. “We’re also seeing a lot of monochromatic cakes, cakes with fun patterns and textures, and cakes decorated with fresh flowers.”

5. Hand-painted wedding cakes. “Some couples get really creative and opt for a hand-painted wedding cake,” Heidi said. “I once created a cake for a couple who’d gotten engaged in Mexico and had these elaborately painted champagne flutes that they used to toast their engagement,” she explained. “They decided that they wanted a hand-painted cake to match perfectly with the champagne flutes,” she continued. “Many people request a hand-painted cake that is inspired by something meaningful to them, such as a picture, and article of clothing, or another memento.”

Bold patterns are another fun wedding cake trend.

A cake with bold patterns

6. Color-coordinated cakes. “Many couples are choosing to coordinate both the inside and outside of their wedding cake with the colors of their wedding,” Heidi said. “For example, I’ve had brides choose to make each layer of their cake a different color that matches their flowers or bridesmaids’ dresses,” she described. “It’s kind of cool because it’s like a colorful surprise when you cut into the cake,” she continued. “I’ve also had people get extremely coordinated with a lavender-colored and lavender-flavored cake.”

To learn more about weddings and receptions at Garden of the Gods Club, contact Catering Manager Constanze Strader at 719.520.4978 or cstrader@ggclub.com. If you are looking for an excellent wedding cake vendor, or if you would like to enjoy some delightful pastries, Chef Sugar’s Cakes & Confections offers an excellent selection. To learn more, we encourage you to contact Chef Heidi at 719.260.8600 or info@chefsugar.com.

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