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Fitness Friday: 5 Health Benefits of Weight Training

There are many benefits to weight training.

Weight training offers several benefits, including increased bone density.

A common misconception is that only fit men should lift weights; however, the contrary is true. Everybody can benefit from weight training—regardless of age, gender, or fitness experience. To learn more about the benefits of weightlifting, we interviewed Carrie Sokalski, one of our personal trainers here at The Sports Club at Garden of Gods Club. Read on for Carrie’s top five benefits of lifting weights.

1.  Weightlifting increases bone density. Carrie cited the Wolff Law theory: “In layman’s terms, [the theory] states [that] load on bone increases bone,” Carrie said. “This means if you apply pressure or weight to your body, your bones will become stronger over time.” Studies have also shown that the risk of osteoporosis is lower for people who are active, especially those who do weight-bearing activities at least three times a week.

2.  Weightlifting improves metabolism. “Since lifting weights breaks down the muscle, your body needs to work harder to repair itself, thus burning energy,” Carrie explained. “Your body continues to burn calories up to four hours after training!”

3.  Weightlifting strengthens your core. “Weight training is especially good for your core. A strong core enables you to perform everyday activities, like unloading groceries from your car, with more strength and a decreased risk of injury,” Carrie said.

4.  Weightlifting creates a toned and “symmetrical” body. “I prefer a symmetrical body, and lifting weights over an extended period of time allows me to achieve that,” Carrie said. “Many women tend to gain weight on the bottom and weight lifting helps keep your body evenly proportioned from top to bottom,” Carrie continued.  “Lifting weights just makes you stronger overall.”

5.  Weightlifting makes you stronger, healthier, and happier. “Weight lifting can benefit everyone in day-to-day life; it’s not just for body builders,” Carrie emphasized. “If you have a stronger body and core, you are better equipped to handle everyday activities and stressors,” she added. “Weightlifting and working out produce endorphins, which are known to make you feel happier.”

The Sports Club at Garden of the Gods Club offers cutting-edge fitness programs, including a variety of personal training options to fit your lifestyle. To learn more about becoming a Member, please contact our membership director, Tracey Kalata, at 719.520.4980 or tkalata@ggclub.com. If you are already a Member of Garden of the Gods Club and are interested in personal training sessions with Carrie, please contact the Sports Club at 719.329.4009.

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