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Summer Tennis Programs at Garden of the Gods Club

During the summer season, Garden of the Gods Club’s tennis courts come alive with activity. Set against the base of Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods Club Members and guests enjoy connecting over tennis while taking in the gorgeous mountain views. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Tom Van De Hey, Garden of the Gods Club’s director of tennis, about what makes the summer tennis programs unique. Keep reading to learn more.

Summer is a great time to play tennis at GGC!

With blue skies and sunshine, summer is a great time to play tennis at GGC!

Garden of the Gods Club (GGC): Tell me a bit about the summer tennis programs offered at GGC.
Tom Van De Hey (TV): We really offer something for nearly everybody. In addition to private and group lessons for nearly every tennis level, we also offer adult and junior leagues, a variety of tennis drills, social mixers, and other social events. We try to cover all the bases. If somebody is looking for instruction, we’ve got that, but if somebody is just looking for a great place to hit some tennis balls, we also offer that.

Further, we also work with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), which is a multi-layered organization. This means that tennis players who want to compete can do so at the local level, the district level, the sectional level, and even the national level, depending on their individual progress and goals.

GGC: What is some of the feedback that you have received from GGC Members and guests about the summer tennis programs?
TV: Well, when I first started directing the tennis programs at GGC nine years ago, there was little activity in the tennis department. Since then, we’ve grown the tennis programs tremendously. A Member who brings her two children for tennis lessons recently let me know how pleased she is with the high level of instruction and passion we incorporate into every lesson.

Another GGC Member in his mid 80s, who is used to getting out on the court at least four to five times per week, recently had a knee replacement. He needed some help getting back into the sport, and he has communicated to me his gratitude for the help in regaining his strength.

I think what truly sets the tennis programs at GGC apart from others is the genuine, personalized  service and attention that people receive when they’re here. I’m just passionate about what I do. After spending nearly 40 years teaching, directing, and playing tennis with a wide variety of people, I’ve encountered nearly everything out there. And that’s really shaped my drive to meet people where they are while helping them to develop their game.

GGC: Can you tell me about the tennis pros who you will be working with this summer?
TV: Yes. When I hire the summer tennis pros, I have the opportunity to hand-pick them based on their character. Ethan and Alec, this summer’s pros, are really great guys. I’ve known them since they were eight and nine years old, and they have really developed over the years. They’ve participated in most of the programs that they’ll be helping to facilitate. They are two solid, sharp kids who address more than just the mechanics of tennis when they’re out on the court. They have a personal interest in helping others and in helping kids develop their game. They’re very enthusiastic and attentive people.

GGC: Can you describe the Pikes Peak Pow Wow, GGC’s summer tennis tournament (July 12-14)?
TV: The intent behind this tournament is for both locals and non-locals to gather for a weekend and play as much tennis as possible. The tournament format allows people to come in, play tennis, and meet a variety of other tennis players while enjoying camaraderie with one another. It’s a great, socially competitive weekend.

The summer tennis programs at Garden of the Gods Club are a great way to develop your game while meeting others who enjoy tennis. To learn more about sports memberships at Garden of the Gods Club, contact Membership Director Tracey Kalata at 719.520.4980 or tkalata@ggclub.com.

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