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Wedding Makeup: Airbrushing

All brides want to look fresh-faced and glowing on their wedding day, without looking overdone. Well, airbrush makeup could be just what you’re looking for! I was lucky enough to get Heather, cosmetologist at the Spa and Salon at Garden of the Gods Club, to airbrush my face so that I could learn firsthand what airbrush makeup is all about. Read on to follow Heather’s step-by-step airbrush application using TEMPTU makeup.

Before airbrush make application

“Before” shot

The airbrush makeup process started with Heather applying balm to my lips and blending lotion into my face.

Next, she matched my skin color to the appropriate foundation color. Often times, there isn’t an exact color available, so your makeup artist can blend a couple of colors until she gets the desired shade for you.

Once we had found the correct shade for my skin, Heather primed my face with foundation primer, dropped the TemptuPro foundation into the spray nozzle, and began the actual airbrushing.

Airbrush Makeup at the Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club

Heather applying airbrush makeup

Once the airbrush foundation has been sprayed onto the face (which feels like a face massage, by the way!), concealer can be applied, if needed. The face makeup is then set with loose powder.

Contouring comes next. Bronzer is applied to cheek bones, the jaw line, and around the temples of your forehead to accentuate facial features.

Airbrush Makeup at the Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club

Applying blush

Blush is lightly applied over the contour area on the cheeks.

Next, Heather filled in my eyebrows. When your makeup artist starts to do this, it might seem scary at first, but look at the difference it made to my face!

A professional makeup artist will always ask you what eye shadow and liner colors you usually wear. Their job is to make you look how you normally do but enhance it. For my makeup, we decided to go with champagne and warm browns.

After airbrush makeup application at the Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club

“After” shot

The look is sealed off with a setting spray.

NOTE: Since the makeup is water-based, Heather warns that if your face gets wet, you should only dab the tears or water away; don’t smear. Otherwise, you risk removing all of your airbrush makeup off your face. She also recommends carrying concealer with you for re-applying.

To set up an airbrush makeup appointment or bridal makeup appointment with Heather, please contact the Spa Concierge at 719.520.4988 or ggcspa@ggclub.com.

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