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Summer Recipe: Cantaloupe Melon Soup with Lime Granité

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy light, refreshing cuisine. Today, Garden of the Gods Club Executive Sous Chef Carl McCartney shares one of his favorite recipes for cooling off and relaxing–a delicious cantaloupe melon soup. This recipe makes one gallon, which is plenty to enjoy with friends and family. Bon apetít!

Cantaloupe is a versatile, summer fruit that can be used for refreshing recipes like the one below!

Cantaloupe is a versatile summer fruit that can be used in refreshing recipes like the one below!

Ingredients for the soup:
3 lbs. diced cantaloupe melon
4 oranges, juiced
3 lemons, juiced
6 cups sparkling water
2 tablespoons orange zest
2 tablespoons lemon zest
2 ounces cornstarch
5 ounces sugar

To create the soup:
Purée the melon and the orange juice together in a blender and refrigerate until use. In a separate pot, add the lemon juice, sparkling water, and orange and lemon zests to a boil. Next, add in the cornstarch to thicken the mixture and chill until cool. Then, add the chilled lemon juice, water, and lemon and orange zest mixture to the chilled melon and orange juice purée. Finally, stir in the sugar. You may add extra sugar to taste if necessary.

Ingredients for the lime granité (makes one quart):
1 quart water
2 cups sugar
4 ounces lime juice
Zest from 4 limes

To create the lime granité:
Combine all ingredients together in a shallow pan. Freeze the mixture until it is firm, stirring it every 25 minutes.

Serve the soup in chilled bowls, and place a small scoop of the lime granité into each bowl. We hope that you savor this fabulous cantaloupe melon soup with lime granité!

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