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Summer Outdoor Wedding Ideas

If you are planning a summer wedding or even need some ideas for a summer party, check out our list of summer outdoor wedding trends!

For Your Outdoor Ceremony

  • Consider a winding ceremony aisle. It is unique and visually appealing, but it gives the bride a grand entrance when doors are not an option. Or bring the doors outside so the bride still feels like she is making a first appearance!
  • Create a program that can open up or double as a fan, and hang one from each guest’s chair.
  • Provide chilled bottles of water for your guests. Use your creativity to personalize the water bottle labels with your wedding logo (names, date, location, etc.).
  • If you are getting married in the countryside, bug spray and sunscreen is a must! Set up a little table with these outdoor essentials so your guests can fully enjoy the day.

Festive Summer Bouquets

  • Bright, colorful flowers are the perfect accent to a summer wedding. Try a bouquet of big yellow sunflowers or multi-colored roses. If it’s a tropical theme you want, use large birds of paradise.
  • Try a brooch bouquet. You can collect brooches and pins from the women in your family to incorporate your “something borrowed” and you won’t have to worry about your flowers wilting in the heat.Easy

Easy, Breezy Summer Attire

  • Stay cool in a tea-length dress, or if you prefer a floor-length gown, choose a light, breathable material.
  • Choose bridesmaids’ dresses in a bright color, like yellow. Let each girl choose the style and shade of that color that suits her best. This allows everyone a say in what they wear  yet maintains your color scheme.
  • For the groom and groomsmen, think about a white or ivory tuxedo jacket over black pants instead of the classic black on black.
  • Accessories for the reception—like fun-colored sunglasses or flip flops—are fun ways to help the wedding party and guests stay comfortable in the summer heat.
An outdoor reception on Garden of the Gods Club's Sunrise Terrace (Colorado Springs)

An outdoor reception at Garden of the Gods Club

For Your Outdoor Reception

  • Bring the indoors outside. Set up an outdoor lounge area with sofas, chairs, and coffee tables outside so guests have a comfy experience even in the great outdoors.
  • Between the heat and the cocktails, guests can get easily dehydrated, so keep them hydrated with fruit-infused water.
  • Tropical cocktails are a must!
  • Incorporate summer treats, like popsicles or ice cream.
  • Place a primping station near the porta-potties or restrooms—equipped with mirrors, hairspray, blotting papers, face wipes, bobby pins, etc.
  • Jazz up a standard party tent with colorful side panels.
  • Sparkle up the night with hanging café lights.

Creative Outdoor Send-Offs

  • Light and release Chinese paper lanterns into the sky at the end of the reception with all of your guests.
  • Have guests hold sparklers along the path to your getaway vehicle. (First get permission from your venue, as some venues—particularly those located in dry/windy climates—may not allow this.) A sparkler send-off will make for some great pictures!

As you plan for your wedding, remember to stay calm and enjoy every moment. The time flies, and before you know it your big day is upon you. If you are planning a wedding the Colorado area, keep Garden of the Gods Club in mind; the views are spectacular, and the food is delicious! For more information on booking your wedding or upcoming event at Garden of the Gods Club, please contact sales and catering manager Constanze Strader at cstrader@ggclub.com or 719.520.4978.

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Wedding Makeup: Airbrushing

All brides want to look fresh-faced and glowing on their wedding day, without looking overdone. Well, airbrush makeup could be just what you’re looking for! I was lucky enough to get Heather, cosmetologist at the Spa and Salon at Garden of the Gods Club, to airbrush my face so that I could learn firsthand what airbrush makeup is all about. Read on to follow Heather’s step-by-step airbrush application using TEMPTU makeup.

Before airbrush make application

“Before” shot

The airbrush makeup process started with Heather applying balm to my lips and blending lotion into my face.

Next, she matched my skin color to the appropriate foundation color. Often times, there isn’t an exact color available, so your makeup artist can blend a couple of colors until she gets the desired shade for you.

Once we had found the correct shade for my skin, Heather primed my face with foundation primer, dropped the TemptuPro foundation into the spray nozzle, and began the actual airbrushing.

Airbrush Makeup at the Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club

Heather applying airbrush makeup

Once the airbrush foundation has been sprayed onto the face (which feels like a face massage, by the way!), concealer can be applied, if needed. The face makeup is then set with loose powder.

Contouring comes next. Bronzer is applied to cheek bones, the jaw line, and around the temples of your forehead to accentuate facial features.

Airbrush Makeup at the Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club

Applying blush

Blush is lightly applied over the contour area on the cheeks.

Next, Heather filled in my eyebrows. When your makeup artist starts to do this, it might seem scary at first, but look at the difference it made to my face!

A professional makeup artist will always ask you what eye shadow and liner colors you usually wear. Their job is to make you look how you normally do but enhance it. For my makeup, we decided to go with champagne and warm browns.

After airbrush makeup application at the Spa & Salon at Garden of the Gods Club

“After” shot

The look is sealed off with a setting spray.

NOTE: Since the makeup is water-based, Heather warns that if your face gets wet, you should only dab the tears or water away; don’t smear. Otherwise, you risk removing all of your airbrush makeup off your face. She also recommends carrying concealer with you for re-applying.

To set up an airbrush makeup appointment or bridal makeup appointment with Heather, please contact the Spa Concierge at 719.520.4988 or ggcspa@ggclub.com.

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Five Tips for a Great Rehearsal Dinner

When it comes to your wedding, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner can set the overall tone for the event. After months (or longer) of planning for one of the most important days of your life, you want to make sure that the night before your wedding is a stress-free, rejuvenating time with friends and family. Today, Garden of the Gods Club’s Catering Manager Constanze Strader shares her insight on planning a memorable, relaxing rehearsal dinner. Keep reading to learn more.

Your rehearsal dinner should be a fun, intimate, and relaxing evening before your wedding day.

Your rehearsal dinner should be a fun, intimate, and relaxing evening before your wedding day.

1. Double-check your guest list. “One of the most important things you should do when planning your rehearsal dinner is to ensure that all of the right people have been invited,” Constanze emphasized. “Anyone who plays a role in the ceremony in any way should be present at the rehearsal dinner,” she continued. “If you have guests who have traveled from out of state or country to attend your wedding, it is customary to invite them to the rehearsal dinner as well.”

2. Provide transportation for out-of-town guests. “If you do have people who have traveled to attend your wedding, it is courteous to provide transportation from the hotel to the location of your rehearsal dinner,” Constanze explained. “This makes it much easier on the guest, as he or she doesn’t need to worry about renting a car or finding another mode of transportation.”

3. Don’t overshadow the wedding. “Although this advice may seem obvious, it’s important not to duplicate the same food from your wedding during your rehearsal dinner,” Constanze said. “The style of the rehearsal dinner should complement the wedding, rather than overshadow it,” she added. “The rehearsal dinner can be as simple as an outdoor picnic, or it can be a more formal event. You can be as creative as you want with the rehearsal dinner.”

4. Thank your attendants. “The rehearsal dinner is a great opportunity to present gifts to your groomsmen and bridesmaids, as well as anybody else that has helped and supported you during the process of planning your wedding,” Constanze said. “It’s important to express your gratitude to those who have come alongside you to help make your wedding day a great one!”

5. Be aware of timing. “You want to be relaxed and refreshed for your wedding day,” Constanze said. “With this in mind, be cognizant of how late you will be up for your rehearsal dinner,” she continued. “It’s best to end the rehearsal dinner early so that you have time to get enough rest for your wedding day.”

With wedding season in full swing, we hope that these tips help you or somebody that you know to pull off a great rehearsal dinner. Do you have any other helpful tips for a successful rehearsal dinner? If so, please share them in the comments box below.

If you or somebody that you know is recently engaged or planning a wedding, consider Garden of the Gods Club for the wedding ceremony, reception, or rehearsal dinner. Set against the striking red rocks of Garden of the Gods Park, the Club’s relaxed elegance is the perfect place in which to begin a life together. To learn more, please contact Catering Manager Constanze Strader at 719.520.4978, or cstrader@ggclub.com.

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